What is it? Ecolympics is the Oberlin community’s annual competition to conserve water and electricity use in buildings through behavior change while celebrating the environment. The 2023 theme is “Think Global, Invest Local”. Three concurrent competitions will take place between: Oberlin City Schools; Community Buildings (Prospect Community Center, Oberlin Fire Station, the School District Office, and Oberlin Public Library); and Oberlin College Dorms. Occupants in each building work to reduce electricity and water use by the largest perentage relative to a baseline period established immediately before the competition. The highest percent reduction in each building for each resource wins!

Standings and Strategy: The competition standings shown below are updated in real-time throughout the competition (scroll down to see College dorms). The three buttons above are your strategic tools for winning! Click a button to see in-depth graphs of real-time electricity and water use in each participating building. Use what you learn from patterns to brainstorm on how occupants of your building can reduce water and electricity use.

Community Goals: While occupants of each building should work to win, a community-wide goal has been set to reduce electricity use by 10,000 kWh and water use by 10,000 gallons during the competition. The entire community wins if we meet or exceed these collective goals!

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