Tuesday Tea / Witchcraft and Power in European and American

September 12, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm | Allen Memorial Art Museum

Short Description: Ana María Díaz Burgos will explore the figure of the witch and the visual representations of her power.

Extended Description: The exhibition What’s in a Spell? Love Magic, Healing, and Punishment in the Early Modern Hispanic World explores spell-casting as an unorthodox practice that offered solutions to spiritual, economic and physical hardships for people in despair across Spanish and colonial Latin American territories. Building on this, Ana María Díaz Burgos, Eric and Jane Nord Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, will explore the figure of the witch—a spell-caster par excellence—and the visual representations of her power in European prints. In the second part of her talk, she will contrast these European images to their rearticulation in the Americas.

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